Our Story


Everything started 5 years ago with a Facebook post.

It was about a German engineer who came to Utila for holiday and after seeing the island, he decided to leave everything behind and move to Caribbean. We were really surprised by the fascinating pictures and  the beauty of Caribbean. So,  we got the idea to visit the Caribbean one day...

In 2016, after leaving my son for college in New York, I went to Mexico, Guatemala and after to Honduras. My 5 years of dream came true at last.

I came to San Pedro, Sula, but there were no flights to Roatan Island, so I ask for a cab driver to take me some place which has a beach and quiet atmosphere. I ended up in Tela and for 3 days,

I really loved Honduras, and the people that inhabitted the island. After we came back to Turkey, I wondered why I don't live at a beautiful place like Honduras and wasting my life in Turkey.

I was an NLP specialist, and previously having owned my own company. With years of cake and pastry training I did not have the opportunity to utilize my skills.

So, I decided to leave everything behind and move to Roatan, ın 2017, to live my dream life...